Dreams don't work unless you do....

10:12:00 AM

The famous words of John C. Maxwell were tossed into my face this morning when I was perusing Facebook and should have been studying. Granted I was taking a break at the time, it still puts things into perspective. A lot of people my age (20-30's bracket) say that you should live life to the fullest and party on as much as you can. These people are the ones that worry me. You should have some fun in your life, but working hard is simply working hard.

My father has always worked hard in everything he has ever done. He works weekends, nights and whenever he can. He doesn't work himself to death. My dad believes that when you work hard and complete something, then it's the time for you to play for a bit. But don't forget to get right back to it.

Work hard so that in a few years you can enjoy yourself and enjoy the money that you have made. Our generation takes it easy on themselves, including me sometimes. We have to work hard in order to make our dreams a reality. You're not going to wake up one day like Mia in the Princess Diaries to find out that you're royalty from Genovia. Trust me. You have to create your own success and be proud that you did it all by yourself.

Now is the time to take the end of the year by the balls and say, yes I did it finally.

There are several memes here to inspire you. Choose which one you like, print it out and post it above your desk or use it as a folder covering for your latest project.

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