The Conjuring and The Warrens

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The Conjuring came out over this last weekend and for those of you lovers of scary movies and a sadistic curiosity of what lies beneath, the release of this film was just what the doctor ordered. I personally cannot wait for the next horror and ghost filled cinematic adventure every month. Of course, there are hardly any truly good paranormal films these days. This film however intrigued me, since it dealt with Ed and Lorraine Warren the famous demonologists from the early fifties who started the New England Society for Psychic Research. My mother was really into the paranormal investigations of theirs, having read every book and has nearly seen them speak at UCLA many years ago; she often talked about the cases they worked on such as the DeFeo haunting, better known as The Amityville Horror to most, and the Perron family haunting (what the Conjuring was based on). So, needless to say I was all for seeing this film since I had heard of the couple for years.

Of course, no film based on a historical event will ever be true to it's original form when it comes to entertainment, so we have to be prepared for that. I thought as far as the haunting factor went, there were truly a plethora of wonderful tasteful moments that quite frankly scared the shit out of me. If any of you have seen Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness or any of these ghost hunting shows then you know that activity of that magnitude (which you saw in the film such as moving dolls leaving miss me messages everywhere and children getting thrown against walls) is a rare thing to witness. A lot of the time, these entities don't reveal themselves to anyone but those who they haunt and even then they're almost never going to mirror what you saw in Paranormal Acitivity 1,2 or 7. But, hauntings do happen and if there is good there is most surely an evil. I will not ever tell anyone to look at a film as a documentary when it comes to something like this, but this couple of Demonologists were most certainly real and have conducted numerous studies of paranormal activity of the worst kind.

If you are a fan of the 90's film The Haunting, with Liam Neeson, then you have seen the actress who played the mother (Carol Perron) in the film--Lili Taylor. This actress is honestly perfect for a film like this since she is obviously comfortable in the genre. Her character always comes off as perfectly sweet, but one can help but notice the gleam of otherness in her eyes. I would never put her in anything but films about the paranormal and alternate reality (Hemlock Grove the Netflix series). I think all of the actors were chosen well. Consider Vera Farmiga who was cast as Mrs. Bates in the A&E show The Bates Motel this last year; this actress is wonderful when it comes to roles like this because her composure and calmness in her face fits so well. She easily can go from one emotion to the next without a count down and her eyes are a mesmerizing color. Lorraine Warren was ballsy and Vera Farmiga does a great job of depicting her in the film when it comes to courageous moments where she faces the ghosts head on and looks to be approached by them.

I never want to tell you the plot itself or any specific details until you have seen it yourself, but this film is very good and I would honestly recommend it to anyone (except for young children). I invite you to delve into the darkness and see what the Warrens went through for yourself (in a fictional sense of course). There is also the one question you should ask yourself when you find that you look for experiences like these:  Are you a part of the darkness, or the light?

P.S. All of the links here should be sifted through if you're interested in the stories of the Warrens. They are real people and Lorraine is still alive today giving lectures in Connecticut. She is currently working with Ryan from Paranormal Witness since the passing of her husband.

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