What In the World Is Happening On True Blood?

10:17:00 PM

by Jamaal Perryman

So, if you’ve seen the most recent episode of True Blood then you’re feeling the same excitement and disbelief that arose from the many crazy moments of this week’s episode! First of all, what is going on with Alcide and Sam? We all know that Sam is a good guy but he usually has the misfortune of being caught in the middle of all the crazy. I wish I can just tell Alcide, “Hey just be cool and give him a break!” Although I am relieved that he spared Sam and Nicole, I’m not happy about the whole, “Don’t come back if you know what’s good for you,” threat.

Oh and what’s up with Bilith and his goal of creating day walking vampires?

I personally like Bill and I am excited to see if he actually succeeds in synthesizing Benlow’s hybrid Faye blood. I think the Governor, tyrant, has had a unique flair to his persona, but I’m glad to see him leave! You go Bilith for finally doing what Eric couldn’t do—remove the head of that vampire-killing bigot. I just wonder if Lilith has more plans than just saving the vampire race, or is it a bit more sinister? Either way I’m super excited about next week’s episode!

Who else besides me is sad that Terry Belleflour had to die in this episode? 

I almost forgot that Terry made a deal with his Ex-Army friend/expert marksmen to kill him in an unknown place and unknown time; the initial gunshot really shocked me. It wasn’t until a co-worker reminded me of this dastardly favor Terry asked of his friend. I’m sad to see him go, but I know that there would have been no way he could have been resurrected as a vampire and still live a normal life.

I think this episode was amazing and I’m so glad that the show’s executives just announced the upcoming 7th season! I’m totally looking forward to every cliff hanging episode! Tweet us @ellohoneybee and share your thoughts.

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