The Chompin' Zombies of World War Z

10:32:00 AM

I love zombie movies and couldn't wait to see World War Z. I wish I would have read the book first but sometimes it just can't be done and I was a bit curious to see how it would feel to see the film of a movie I hadn't actually read yet. Plus, so many reviewers were smashing it saying that these zombies were borderline comical with all of their chomping tooth noises. All of that factored in when I decided to watch the film.

Personally, I thought it was a good movie and I didn't feel at all regretful that I spent fifteen bucks on a ticket. I was entertained which is why you go to the movies to begin with, right? Unlike some of these zombie thrillers you come across, this one only went about five minutes before tossing you, head on, into zombified terror. The opening credits gave you a bit of an idea of what you would see concerning the behavior of the zombies themselves; the credits showed lions pouncing on their prey and ants demolishing the corpse of a bug by the thousands. That was exactly what these new World War Z zombies did: they pounced like super predatory, steroid pumped monsters. I couldn't believe the way they leap onto people and bashed their heads into windows of cars fiercely biting away at flesh. I had my hands over my mouth the whole time, jumping at the smallest thing.

The worst part was watching them turn. Now, we have all seen people get bitten and turn into these undead creatures. But this, the twitching and contortion of limbs in combination with some serious vein protrusions popping out of their faces was insane. I probably would have crapped my pants and had a stroke before the thing had a chance to pounce on me. Dude....Yugh!

There were some little red herrings every once in a while that would become obvious enough for you to conclude what exactly might be the solution the being bitten by these things. The origin was never really found or looked into which kind of took away from the movie. I'm assuming they're going to make a sequel and this is where we can see all of that and if the zombies adapt to the vaccine they created and then everyone dies.... not sure. Would I recommend it? Yes.

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