Synthetic Sounds of Our Generation

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How many of you have sat down with a pile of old vinyls and thought, this is when the music was good and had something to say?  Do we still have something to say with our music in comparison?

Ask the older generation and they will tell you that we just throw words together on top of a catchy beat and sing about bros, hos, and blunts. Our parents' generation went through a lot, as did their parents before them. They had to deal with massive wars (we did deal with 9/11 and all that jazz), and serious political movements. I suppose we can say we had to go through lots of those things but it sees to me that we dealt with them differently. For one thing, we weren't forced into a world of chaos under the fear of being involuntarily drafted, or had to deal with a living under a communist regime.

Our generation has had hardships yes, but not in the same way. We have become desensitized in a way. It's as though we have become machinelike and tranquilized. Things bother us yes but we move onward faster and we're distracted much more easily than they were considering, this is the age of (not aquarius...I almost sang it myself. Don't feel ashamed) technology and the Internet rules our lives.

We can connect with tragedy so much faster but we see so much of it now that one thing gets thrown over for the next. I think a lot of our music has a special message if you want to think so, for each of us and we all see our music differently--we feel things differently. I connect with music of the 40's a lot better than I do with some of the new stuff today. I love new music for it's entertainment value and I find that there are a lot of different elements to what makes a good song....well... good.

You know good music when you hear it and how specifically it connects to you. For me, Billie Holiday really had pain in her voice that rooted deep and you can hear it in the music like a bittersweet nectar dripping from the notes.

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  1. Just reading this now but very interesting post ... loved it.


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