Stephen King, Mr. Prolific Himself.

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Joyland, Stephen King...

I don't know about you guys but the fact that Stephen King has been gracing us with his written presence a lot lately just makes me feel giddy with anticipation. Joyland was just released which encompasses a younger guy just out of college, named Devin Jones, that decides to find a job at the local carnival--Joyland.

The story takes place in 1973 in North Carolina. Devin comes across a few mysteries as he spends his summer manning the rides: a murder, the fated life of a younger kid and tons of other crazy things.

Gotta love a new "hard-case" crime novel by the prolific man himself. I personally can't wait to get my hands on a copy but I've got to get through some others of Stephen's first. He always has something strange and distorted up his sleeve where nothing is ever what it seems. Or is it? I haven't read the novel yet but reviewers are up and down about it. The New York Times' reviewer Walter Kern doesn't much care for it, saying it barely has a plot and does little more than chill you, on the outside (meaning you may need a sweater while reading just to be safe). There are also points about the character Devin that may suggest an autobiographical note of King himself--considering the kid wants to be a novelist.

The Guardian (UK) photo.

I did nibble on the idea that Kern likens the quaint carnival with its rickety rides and water logged creepiness to the maniacal funhouse that is Kings own mind. He alludes that the ghoulish carnival could be a representative of the acquaintance of the writer with his niche, birthing the horror writer himself.

We will just have to see because I cannot wait. I don't ever liken nasty reviews of King's work to be one hundred percent truthful because just to be clear, most people don't like him and it's because they are quite jealous. He may not be the stuff of "high brow literature", but he entertains us all. What do you think about Stephen King? His novels are lovely but his short stories are like honey dripping out from the mouth of the hive. Sweet, sticky and little bit dangerous.

Purchase the novel here.

Also, for those of you who fell in love with The Shining, Stephen King dares to take us back into the psychotic episode of Danny Torrances' life, post 'here's Johnny' madness. The up and coming sequel to be released later in the year is called Doctor Sleep. King continues the tale of young Torrance now in his thirties, after the tragic fire that took the Overlook and his father Jack Torrance. Are spectral figures and strange disembodies voices continuing to take over Dannys' life?

Some people are a little weary of picking up the sequel considering it may damage the legacy of the infamous, bone-chilling tale that splashes about the musical whisperings of Red Rum. Will the sequel ruin the first novel?

I hope that it won't, and since King has had years to marinate over a sequel to The Shining it should be quite good. Plus, why would the novelist want to ruin the image of his great novel? It's either grave stupidity or a gut driven bravery that he has chosen to write Doctor Sleep, but come the end of the year we shall see.

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