Man of Steel... Christian Grey?

7:30:00 PM

Honestly, the picture says it all. Damn and then woo. And then a little wink and an eyebrow wiggle and I'm a gonner. What a handsome man (Henry Cavill) they chose to play Clark Kent. I personally couldn't have picked a better one. 

The movie was action packed and all that, but it was so long. I understand you need time to tell a story but that was nearly three hours long and the final battle nearly destroyed the world. Don't you think Superman would have tried to drive the battle away from the city and all of it's people? Don't know if I would sit through it again, but I say it's a good one to catch. 

My favorite part of course was the very end when he became the Clark Kent I know and love as a Daily Planet journalist with the bifocals. Oi vey. I just couldn't decide if he would have been better suited for Christian Grey? I don't even know why they are bothering with the hush hush casting of that film when here's your man right here. 

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