Mad Men Season 6 Finale: Peggy is in Don's Chair.

1:08:00 AM

Uh ph spaghettios. Don has been tumbling down on this massive incline for quite a long time and it's finally happened that he is exactly in the spot he never thought he would be in--out the door on a few months leave with no return date.

We all knew it was coming... didn't we? 

His whole anti-hero dapper Don thing had to end exactly where he started which was in the whorehouse with his Hershey bar. Don had the potential to be a better man when he met Meghan and started over with her. But of course he didn't do any such thing. He fell right back into his selfish ways at the beginning of season six. There was a little hope for Don but he's not the kind of man that turns the hard parts of his life into reference points for what not to become in the future.

Some men you just can't reach...which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. 

I couldn't believe he fell off the wagon in the last meeting. I would have slapped him myself if I was sitting across from him. It was a strange thing to see, Don's emotional undoing. It had to be syphilis. Too much sex with dirty women thats picked his brain. What a chump. 

What I expect for Don in the final season of Mad Men? I have no idea but I can tell you that I hope he doesn't drown in his own misery and drink himself to death. That would be the absolute worst ending for him. I want there to be a realization that he has got to get his shit together and get back in that creative chair before Peggy snakes it. 

Peggy, Peggy my dear-- yet again you have been screwed. 

I wasn't sure that I liked Peggy very much when the show first started years ago, but she has really metamorphosed from this scared little girl into this strong and independent woman. Go Peggy! This character has had so much shit up on shit sandwich piles to deal with since day one. She can't do anything without going through some catastrophic event to get there. 

Her love life is a shambles. And all I have to ask Ted?!!!? This relationship was all kinds of shitty. Ted is a married man who to Peggy's peril also the perfect man for her. Hands down, he's the one for her. But he can't ever be with her. There was so much tension between them and he was being good about it at first by doing what he could to resist and stay true to his wife. But of course, Ted just couldn't keep it in his pants. I liked Ted and I didn't want him to be anything like Don but that kind of ruined it for me. If it was all sans wife and kids then what an amazing pair they would make. 

Can men ever just be with one woman and remain content? Human beings are a strange creation. They say we're not meant to be monogamous and after this show you would think it was true. It's as though marriage certificates should come with an expiration date and if you decide to renew it then great. Otherwise, move onto something new and that's that. 

Season seven will be quite a whole new world but as for now, we know that Peggy is in Don's chair and he had better watch out. 

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