To Gatsby Or Not To Gatsby

12:35:00 PM

So, last night a good friend (Nappy Headed Black Girl) of mine got tickets to advanced screening of The Great Gatsby directed by the great Baz Luhrmann. The event was supposed to take place the Landmark Theatre in Los Angeles at 7:30pm. So, she got there (so graciously) first and waiting for a long while at the front of the line. The line snaked around the theatre with ticket holders from all walks of life just to snag a glimpse of the 2000's Gatsby. Promoters sat stoic at their perches the level above with posters displayed behind.

A few minutes before the movie was to start of course, the staff informed us all that there were no more seats (even though no one went in from the line we were standing in). There were easily over a hundred people waiting. So, we didn't get to see the movie which sucks and really throws me for a loopsiez that management didn't feel it necessary to tell everyone there were, like, five seats available. If you weren't Leo himself, you couldn't grab a seat.

But, we snagged the promo poster and went on our way determined to see that movie on the regular old opening night--Friday. So, for those of you who haven't read the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald you have the time to absorb it through your eyeballs before then. It's not a long novel, but it was considered his greatest work of fiction. For all of your English majors out there, your thirst for a new artsy version of the book will be nibbling at your soul until you see it. Am I right?

Gatsby Workout by Cassey Ho!

When I went home last night, I was determined to get a workout in while incorporating some Gatsby. So, Blogilates chick Cassey Ho has given me permission to post her Gatsby workout video via the Daisy Dance. I did this workout last night when it came out at midnight and it was so much fun. Try it out and check out her website for more fun videos at Watch the dance above and learn how to shake your money maker with Cassey below.

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