The Elena, Stephan and Damon triangle...

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The Vampire Diaries has been a constant, uncontrolled debacle of young love gone wrong in so many ways. As if being human wasn't enough of a pain in the ass, we have to throw in supernatural creatures into the mix.

For those of you who read the books years ago, and nearly melted into a puddle of water when the show was announced, you have watched the original story degrade into something other. The epic love that was once all about Elena and the sullen, handsome, angular jawed, vampire Stephan, with his brooding smile and dark eyes, incorporated more and more of a third leg by the name of Damon.

Personally, I was always team Stephan but Damon has proved to be an interesting challenge for Elena. That's what we want ladies, a chance to be challenged and never expecting the next move or the next year of our lives in love.

Now that season three is through and we painstakingly wait for season four, were we expecting the twists that came with the finale? Jeremy is back, Katherine is human, Matt and Rebecca are whisking themselves away for a summer love fest in Italy, Damon and Elena are all hearts and flowers, Bonnie's dead, Tyler has permission to come back, Klaus has a change of heart, and Stephan is packed up in a safe, twenty thousand leagues deep in a lake.

I didn't honestly think they could keep it going, but the show still trudges on and on, and on. Will I watch it? Yeah I think so. The only thing I definitely wanted to happen and is getting on my last nerve, is that Bonnie and Jeremy keep getting pulled apart on  other sides of life/death and bullshit. Let them live in the same dimension--come on!

The one thing that was nice about this season was that Elena has finally made up her freakin' mind. I mean if I had that much sexy man to choose from, and they were cool with waiting around to let me sample their sexy, I might be a little fickle myself.

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Haven't read the books? 

I'm thinking about giving away a copy of the first book in the series... who's hungry for some young adult literature?

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