Review: Eisley Album "Currents"

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The much awaited Eisley album hits stores on the 28th, but for some of us who pre-ordered the album it was like Christmas when we received our copies days ahead of time. I feel a little selfishly guilty and sinister that I have had the chance to listen to the entire album while some desperately wait to purchase Currents in-store

Ripping open the cellophane like a rabbit animal was much too much to handle. I couldn't wait to pop the CD into my player and let the beautiful sounds of Eisley fill my room. I honestly don't know what it is about this band, but as I've said before they have an exquisite pairing of sweet voices and melodies that could dance on the surface of water while fey danced around them. A little overdone--maybe on my part, but my goodness I love them. 

The album is different from their usual style, not too much, in a way that says their music grows with them. Each new song tells a story and it's as though you've been hanging out with them even when you haven't heard from them in a while. The best way I can describe it is sitting down with someone for coffee after a two year gap and them telling you all about their lives in five minutes and you're back to knowing everything. The album feels like this.

The songs: 

is a slow starter and a strange off beat song to get into but it's strangely addicting.

Blue Fish: When the first few sounds on a song are tinkling pianos, you've hooked me.Great build up in this one and the very end with the music just cutting off, leaving the vocal harmonies just tops it off and resonates for the rest of the album to begin.

Millstone is such a lovely light strummed guitar piece which is a bit tropical. I absolutely love this song. It's all Eisley, but a metamorphosed Eisley--the new Eisley that's come out from hiding.

Drink the Water: If there existed a musical blender and you could put into it all the best sounds, this is what you would pour out of it. This is the first single for this album and it's the perfect one to showcase their style.

As per usual, the lyrics are sweet, thoughtful and breathtaking guided along by beautiful music. Sorry guys, but if you were looking for anything less than beautiful, then you will be disappointed. It's fantastic and I can't wait for more.

I will leave the rest of the album to you.... Check it out on Pandora for a first listen treat now!

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