Fitness Progress & Yoga Block Giveaway

2:14:00 PM

Hey guys! Just checking in for my FabFitNotSoFun fitness update for the week. As most of you know, I started (begrudgingly) working out. It hasn't been the easiest but I have learned to love it and am working harder each day to learn how to work on my body. Once a week I have been hitting the pavement hard with lunges (pyramid lunges to be exact) with my two partners in crime Vin and Laura. Laura's a champ, she was carrying a 30 lb weight on her back. Me, I had the thirty pounds extra already.

       If you haven't tried lunges: they're difficult, your legs scream with burning and they wobble uncontrollably the first few times you do them. Personally, mine still do this and they're sore as hell for the next few days. But, if you do them right and commit to them once a week to start, they really do something amazing to your leg muscles. 

Here's the proper form of a lunge that I snagged for you. Try it out: 

           For most of us, lunges can't be done everyday and that's perfectly fine. Maybe you like other exercises such as pilates, yoga, swimming, jogging, running, weight training--whatever. Just do what you love and as Ana Caban always tells me, "you can do anything you want, just be consistent". That's the rule that I'm sticking to.

           So, I'm trying a few new things that I haven't really tried before, because they were "too hard" for me. I just received a fun and new toy from Manduka, the recycled foam Unblock Yoga Block. I have tried yoga and it's pretty relaxing, but it's a little difficult to get my hands into certain positions without being as flexible as some of the more skilled yoga goers. Manduka sent over the yoga block and I have been picking up some simpler moves with the help of the block, just to give me some extra inches of support from my hands to the floor. 

I've seen a lot of yoga blocks, but this is the first one that was shaped like this. It has a curved topside to help shape to different places on your body like your upper back and under your arms for more complex positions. You've got to try it out. I've had this one for a week and it's making me feel like yoga is easier than it looks.

Good news for you guys! I've got one to send out to you as well. 

If you love yoga, or want to give it a try this block not only comes in a pretty blue green color, but helps in all the right ways. Want it? Comment below and tell me why you need it. Like 'Ello Honey Bee on Facebook, and Follow 'Ello Honey Bee on Twitter and look for the giveaway tweets.

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