FitFatNotSoFun: We're not cavemen & 30 Day yoga challenge

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The word diet makes me sick. I mean, it has the word die in it... the hell? I have always hated the yo-yoing back and forth, disinterested hunger and deprivation that is paired with it. So, like many people these days, let's just not and say we did.

Trying to be healthier, stronger and feel better about how I look in my clothes, boosting my confidence and all of that jazz, is really freaking hard (I censored for those of you who are easy to offend). The one thing that I know, is that I do not want to ever diet. But what I do know, is that I consume too many calories and don't do enough expenditure of those calories. Therefore, they sit in little snuggled bundles on all of my curvy spots. Why? Because there's nothing for them to do.

Our bodies evolutionarily learned to store calories during long winter nights when it was too cold to go out and hunt, gather and what have you. During the time of the cave(person)--because duh, cavemen would never have been able to produce spawn and keep them alive without cavewomen--there were these really f*&%ing huge things called Dinosaurs and shit that would either eat them or their food (other smaller animals). Cavepeople ate what they could, when they could because there was never a for sure next meal. They had to store calories to survive. We store them because they taste yummy. Remember the saying: eat to live, don't live to eat.

Cavepeople had a lot more muscle mass and expended tons of calories because they were doing shit like: climbing trees to find bananas, running away from ten ton T-Rex's with big heads and small arms, moving boulders and such.

Do we do any of that now? No. We have buttons that connect to things that do all of that for us. And, we drive up to windows and order food from people that look like dinosaurs, but are gentler in their taco shaped hats, asking in a crazed schizophrenic euphoria, would you like over fried potato sticks with that?

So, that being said, I need to monitor my calories to start. I don't think that I want to do this forever, but just until I learn what calories are in what and how large of portions I need, I have to do this.

What I did to find out how many calories I need

You can go to any website that allows you to input your activity level (be honest, channel surfing is zero calories), weight, height and desired weight. I went to WebMD and signed up for their free Food & Fitness Planner. I found out that I only needed 1500 per day without exercise and 1750 per day with exercise in order to lose (in a healthy manner) two pounds per week to reach my goal of 130 lbs. That goal is healthy for my height and petite shape. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

This is just a jumpstart idea. The cool thing about this food log is that you can put in all the foods you have consumed and it breaks them down by fats, vegetables and starches so you can see the percentage you consume per day. I need more protein in my diet to build muscle apparently.

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Don't be worried. If you've never done yoga, neither have I. I have been hearing about yoga for years and all the wonderful benefits. Personally as a chick with a larger chest area (sometimes a good thing) made me think that yoga only gave you a flat chest. But, yoga actually has a lot of really awesome benefits (if done properly and under the consultation of your physician).

Here are some benefits I picked up while researching:

  • Yoga can help lubricate joints, which can help reduce arthritic symptoms
  • It induces flexibility
  • Strengthens your core
  • Improved lung capacity because of extensive breathing concentration
  • Improves posture because of a stronger core that supports your back
  • Lessens the release of stress hormones so you feel more calm
  • Whoa, helps lower cholesterol
  • Detoxes your body
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Also helps with concentration since there are extra packets of oxygen running to your brain during yoga
Sound good. Yeah. SO, I have devised a plan to prove all of these benefits for you and me both. 

I will do yoga like a boss everyday for 30 days. This wonderful company called Manduka has sent over some awesome products to get me going (yoga mat, yoga towel, cotton yoga strap and of their Unblock yoga block). I'm so excited to use them since they're super cute and are needed for a lot of the exercises I have been wanting to try. Thank you Jennifer!

To start, I signed up for a monthly online yoga on demand website called MyYogaWorks where I can unroll a mat and do it my living room until I'm comfortable enough to hit the studio. They have a ton of videos for every skill level (beginner for me of course) and they give you alternative positions for those not to flexible. When you're ready, you can sign up for a free week at a YogaWorks studio in your area and see how you fare in a group (check back because I have already signed up for a couple weeks from now). 

I challenge you to get healthy, be healthy and make your goals seem a whole lot more doable. I will be posting on FB, Twitter and here occasionally about my progress. Just remember that all of this exercise must be paired with healthier, cleaner eating and tons of water. For me, I found that I need at least 64 oz per day to shed some pounds. 

Take this challenge with me and let me know how it goes for you. You may also win a Manduka yoga block to get you started. Check the FB page, twitter feed or comment below to win. 

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