Don't Stop, Get It Get It Challenge!

3:42:00 PM

Working on my own physical fitness lately has taught me some eye opening things that surprisingly... I already knew. But, that doesn't mean I took anything to heart until recently.

Cardio is good, but weight training is better. 

You hear it everywhere that cardio is the king of calorie burners, but is it? Weight training in addition to cardio is what we should be doing. Why? Because muscle weighs more than fat, takes up so much less space underneath your skinzies and burns a lot more calories throughout the day.

So, I am going to do myself a favor and get in on weight training. I have some great friends that are going to show me how to use weights properly to test this whole thing out.

The challenge:

In addition to doing some sort of physical activity everyday 30 min a day, preferably cardio of some kind, try doing something that will work your muscles.

If you don't have weights try some arm exercises with water bottles. Trust me, after working out with any kind of extra weight, you will feel the difference.

What's in it for you?

Well if you need an extra incentive, this month is all about fitness. Tweet me @ellohoneybee with hash tag #fitbee #ellosweaty for your chance to win some sweaty bands.

Workout with me!

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