Day 5 of my 30 day yoga challenge...

5:20:00 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, let me just tell you that I have the sorest legs, butt and what ever else has a muscle fiber in my body. The combination of yoga for the past five days and lunge pyramids last night is killin' me Smalls. 

Feeling the burn is good because it means stuffs working but honestly I'm in mortal peril. I think I'll survive. 

A couple of things I want to incorporate:

1. Juicing

Thank you Mr. Joe Cross (from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) and my friend Jennie for cluing me in on what the f*&^ juicing does for your body. It sounds scary but once you see that documentary you will surely get the drink. Do you need to go extreme and do 30 days? No. You can do a 7-10 day cleanse. That's what I want to try. First things first--get a Breville Juicer. This thing is like the BMW of juicers. 

2. Adding 5 min to each session I do for the next few days...

If it were not for Manduka, I would not have been able to start this amazing challenge. I absolutely love these yoga sessions and the mat that they hooked me up with is such a great support system for my wrists, back and hip bones. I have used other mats, but this one really gives you some cushion from the floor and it's a lot more important than you think. If you're uncomfortable then you're not going to finish your workout with smile on. The strap helps with stretches after and during the sessions which is much needed these days. 

Anyway, I started slow with a 25 minute workout the first day and now I'm up to 45 minutes and it's only day five. I'm going to try and increase the practice time and see how I feel. Let me just say, the detoxing moves really do work. Not to over share, but stuff is working its way out of my body if you know what I mean.

If you're working the 30 day yoga challenge with me let me know how your practice is going. Tweet me @ellohoneybee, comment here, or email me   

3. Successfully learning the art of the flipped food pyramid...

For those of you who don't know already, the food pyramid we grew up loving, isn't the correct one we should follow where meat is the base. Meat should be one of the smallest blocks on the pyramid for us if we are trying to lose weight. Do we need protein? Hell yeah we do, but not in such huge portions. Check it out here. Fruits and veggies should have a much larger base. 

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