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I just love these two people, Ana Caban and Skip Jennings. They are intelligent, hilarious and as real as it gets. At breakfast this morning I went ahead and caught up on some of their newest radio show, The Shift With Ana & Skip, episodes and my God, they are so funny.

Skip Jennings and Ana Caban

They had a special guest on this weekend, playwright and screenwriter Bill Robertson. What a great addition to this duo that is all about fitness tips and how to have some fun. Bill Robertson gave us a fun little morsel to take home, "When you're laughing you're the most vulnerable and when you're vulnerable is when transformation can begin". He also made us laugh with some ideas about how to get your memory boosted by sticking your face into a bushel or rosemary? I may be tempted to try it while I'm studying for my next OChem exam. They are cray cray and I couldn't be more motivated by anyone but these guys. 

Bill Robertson is 2nd from the right. 
I am definitely going to be calling in one of these days. They have all the answers if you need them and can give you a fresh spin on any oldie but goodie. I am going to get into a pair of them damn skinny jeans if I have anything to say about it!!! Can I get a what, what? (I absolutely raised the roof and pumped the oil German style that time). 

Check out their very first episode here (you may hear a familiar voice in the background... it's me!!) and follow them on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. They have new shows up once a week. Call in and ask a burning question you have about fitness, life goals, transformation of the mind, body and spirit, how to feel more frisky in the bedroom or whatever you want to know. This is the show where it happens and where they will blow your mind with their candidness. 

Tweet me @ellohoneybee and let me know what you think of it!

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