Pin-spiration: Glam Tribal Print

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By Erin Richards-Kunkel

Frequently, as I lose myself in the labyrinth that is Pinterest, I browse the Women’s Fashion section for the latest pins. Here, you can find everything from fashion products and accessories to celebrity looks and great fashion photos. It’s here where I see a great outfit or look and think to myself, “how can I put this together for myself?” Which inevitably inspires some fashion sleuthing (and then subsequent shopping).

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Tribal print is proving to be a must-have trend for spring/summer this year and when I came across this colorful and casual, put-together look on Pinterest, I had to make my own.

It all starts with this sweater. Even though it’s warming up, there are still plenty of chilly moments I want to grab a cool sweater and leggings for brunch or errands on the weekends and still look stylish. This is a great sweater for spring, because it incorporates the cool geometric shapes of the tribal print trend, but makes it modern with the bright colors. Wear a simple camisole and leggings underneath, could be any neutral colors, but I liked that these were a brown-plum color instead of the standard black. Add a great brown wrap belt around the waist to give your look a great shape and show off those curves. Throw in a lovely turquoise bag, aviators, and accent-color sandals, like these braided pink ones for the perfect accessories. We threw in some simple jewelry to polish it off, included some stunning pearl studs and a gold watch to give this casual look a little shine and glam (because you know I have to get some glam in there).

Keep the makeup simple and fresh, a peach gloss and some bronzer work with the bold colors of the rest of your look.

How would you wear it? Share your thoughts and tweet me at @ErinSRichards with your perfect Tribal glam look ideas!

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