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Here is the post you all have been waiting for with special surprises included. I am so excited about this new band Hotel Cinema! I recently saw them at one of my favorite intimate places, the Hotel Cafe in LA and they were fantastic. If you love dream pop with a stellar female lead, this is the band to see. Thought they're not originally from Los Angeles, Keeley Bumford and Mark Hadley found themselves ashore our little island of lala. Keeley is from Bellingham, Washington and Mark from Rochester, New York.

They have wonderful stage presence as they play to their audience, not at them, and give you a little insight into each wonderfully composed piece of music. The band layers and plays multiple instruments on stage, switching back and forth between guitar, keyboard, synth and whatever else they need, to give you a full and true-to-recording sound.

I had a chance to sit down with Hotel Cinema's Keeley Bumford and Mark Hadley and got to ask them some questions about the making of their music and how they came to be. Listen to the EP here while you read on.

'Ello Honey Bee: How long have you been playing is LA? 

Hotel Cinema: We played our first show in January (2013), a week before we released our EP. 

'EHB: What influences your style of music? I.e. what bands do you find inspire you?

HC: We're influenced by a lot. We both come from jazz backgrounds, Keeley from a classical voice background as well. We listen to a lot of different types of music, some prominent artists are St. Vincent, Son Lux, Bon Iver, Fiona Apple, Feist and Death Cab for Cutie.

'EHB: I notice you make use of multiple instruments and do quite a bit per member on stage. What made you decide to perform this way as most bands save the fancy stuff for the recordings mainly?

HC:  We didn't want to cut any corners presenting the music live. We created our EP very meticulously and wanted that to be shown in a live setting to people who have never heard us before. It's really important to us that everything you hear on stage is being played or triggered live, so there's no backing tracks or anything. 

'EHB: (For Keeley) You have amazing control of your voice when you sing! You also use your hands a lot, as though they were conducting your vocal chords. Has this become a part of your signature performance 'things'? 

HC: Thank you for the kind words! Not sure what my signature performance "things" are, I just know that I do this weird march in place thing that I shouldn't anymore haha. With the hand movement, I think I might be trying to reach out to the audience, sometimes the only way I know how to make someone feel what I'm saying it to reach for them and make them feel involved. Then again, I kind of just black out on stage and go to a place to sing the set and then pack up my gear when I'm done.

'EHB:  Are your songs (Fire Escape in particular) about any one person in particular? How do you go about writing? Do you write the music first or have a set of lyrics in mind that dictate the melody to you?

HC:  Fire Escape and a lot of our other songs come about by cultivating different feelings I've felt at different times in my life. I'm sure if you dissect, you can find traces of specific people, but I try to combine feelings into lyrics. I like to think that song sort of cites situations with multiple people, while tying it all together with a story. Regarding the writing process, we've written both ways, lyrics before music as well as music before lyrics. If it works, we run with it!

'EHB:  Where do you hope to go with your music and how has it been going getting the word out there? Are people responding well to the EP and when can we expect a full length album?

HC:  We really just want to tour and see the world. We've been getting a very positive response to the EP, and we're going to keep pushing and promoting it for a while. But we do have a bunch of new songs in the works, and a couple that we've integrated into our live set. Not sure about whether the next release will be a full length or another EP quite yet.

'EHB: How do you feel you're being received when it comes to being a band mainly composed of men with a female singer? 

HC:  We've never really felt one way or another about it, it's just part of who we are. Especially in today's industry, you see a lot of bands that are based around a guy/girl duo so it doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary. Also I (Keeley) went to a school and graduated in a major that was pretty much all dudes...so I'm pretty used to it. I think I'd feel weird if there were girls in my band! Too many feelings.

'EHB: Do you guys have other jobs or is your music your life? Many musicians say to get there you have to throw all of your chips in. 

HC:  We have other jobs in the music industry outside of hotel cinema. Mark is a composer and Keeley works for a recording studio.

'EHB: Last book you read (for fictions' sake)? 

HC:  Keeley - Bossy Pants by Tina Fey

Mark - The Black Hole War by Leonard Susskind

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Feist and Eisley (my two favorite bands) and this band is a lovechild combination of the two with a twist all their own. If you haven't had a chance to listen to the EP or to see them live, 'Ello Honey Bee is laying it all out there for you. We have some fun giveaways from this band that will let you experience their music firsthand. 

Win It!

What can you win?

First, we have a signed EP. Second, you can win one of two guest spots to their show this coming week at The Echo is Los Angeles. Hang out with 'Ello Honey Bee and Hotel Cinema on April 24th 2013. You must be 18 or over to attend.

How you can win these freebies? 

1. The easiest way would be to comment below and get the conversation going. Tell us what you love about the music. 

2. Follow 'Ello Honey Bee on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Repost, retweet, comment or repin any and all posts for multiple chances to win. I will pick winners on the 22nd (two days before the show).And of course.... May the odds be ever in your favor (Tehe).

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