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Su Blackwell
I came across some ingenious pieces of art last night by a artist named Su Blackwell from the UK. If you haven't seen her work, click on the link and see her portfolio.
While You Were Sleeping, Su Blackwell

Her pieces caught my attention as soon as I saw everything that they represent: nostalgia, imagination, creativity and wonder. She takes ordinary things and makes them extraordinary. The first piece I saw of hers reminded me of a dream and of course it was entitled, "While You Were Sleeping". The piece you see is of a simple piece of clothing being transformed into something otherworldly when dreams bleed into our minds during sleep and make anything seem real and possible.

The Polar Express, Su Blackwell

It represents the mind of an artist when the creation phase begins (for me). When I sit down and think about writing a story, the earth spins on an axis, reforms and cuts out the shapes I need to build the world that I create.

The Raven, Su Blackwell

Her other pieces that I found were of her book sculptures that were amazing! When you read books as a child you see the words float off of the page and mesh together in these panoramas of scenes; Su Blackwells work does just that--it makes you see your childhood stories come to life literally from the words themselves.

Snow White, Su Blackwell
She uses pieces of the books that she is creating the scenes from and pulls from the pages these wonderful and dreamlike pieces of art. I would love to own one. This is the kind of stuff I would love to see at the Getty. She has done so many unique and breathtaking pieces on commission like the Bronte House Museum. Can't wait to go back to the U.K. and see some of these in person.

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  1. 'While You Were Sleeping' is fascinating. So ethereal.

    I'm a bit confused by the question...I guess you're asking what my creativity motivates me to do?

    It definitely fuels my passion for writing and to some extent my taste in music.

    I know that sounds odd but I think being creative makes me more open to experiencing different things.

    1. That's exactly what I was asking lol. I think that's totally true that the passion for creativity gives us an outlet to join in the artistic conversation-so to speak. When I encounter art pieces like this, they really touch at something deep within my thought process and make me want to be involved and see the world how these artists do.

  2. I love this giveaway ... my creativity forces me to think, I get in a pensive, and stream-of-consciousness kind of state. Lately, my experiences and encounters have inclined me to write, and have been testing the creative outlet in more than just prose.

    1. Thank you, I loved this item so much that I just had to give one way to all of you wonderful people. When you say inclined to write other than prose, are you talking poetry? Would you like to share it with us here? That would be awesome. Thanks!

    2. Hello, yes, I've written some poetry ... and April is poetry month!!! I'd love to share it with you! I'll put a link to a couple of them (on my tumblr page).

      On a random note, I read your bio on the site ... I'm also an anteater (zot! zot!) and a bruin =P

    3. Haha really? Awesome! What year did you graduate?

  3. I graduated Irvine in 2010 ... took a year off, but I'm finishing at LA in June!

    1. Nice, what did you do in between? Travel, work on any projects? Email me your address when you can so I can send you something ( What are you studying at LA and why did you decide to make the transfer? I miss UCI being at LA but hey it's closer.


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