Coachella Live Streaming!

10:51:00 PM

Shot of The XX Live Stream
Couldn't go to Coachella this year? No sweat! The festival has given all of us sniveling workaholics a chance to see the show from up close and personal. They have a dedicated, live streaming, YouTube page filming as the show goes.

Why do I love this?

They have given us the behind the scenes look into the life and music of some of your favorite bands alongside some top notch performances. I just got home and can't believe I can actually catch some of this amazing set from The XX. If you've ever wondered if some of your favorites sound as good as the record, this is the place to check it out. I'm pleasantly surprised and get a full concert for free via my laptop while I eat my dinner. Yay Coachella!!! Next year can't come soon enough. I definitely want to be there front and center in 2014. Can't wait to see who will be on the lineup next year or next weekend for that matter!

Who are some of your favorites bands? I like so many and can't list them all. Tweet me @ellohoneybee and share some of your favorite Coachella moments.

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  1. The only bands I cared to see were RHCP, Wu-Tang, and maybe Pusha T. I caught RHCP last night (they closed the festival) but I was so tired all I caught was "Under The Bridge." I missed one of my faves, "Give It Away."

    And is it just me or did Anthony sound a last night? I was like, um, yeah, glad I didn't pay for this lol

  2. The cool thing about the live stream was that you can go back a bit and listen to the previous songs you missed (as long as the show is still going). I love that it's a live sampling of your radio favorites so you can really listen to them and see how well they use the stage. I would hate to pay for a band that sounds nothing like their recordings, or who doesn't play to their audience. Live performances, for me at least, can make or break a band for me. So, if they sounds like crap live there is no way I would pay for it. As a matter of fact, sometimes I wish they let you make the decision to pay after you have seen the band.

    Don't forget, next weekend is round two for Coachella so we'll be able to see a lot more (those of us who love Indie music lol). Let me know who you're looking to see next week!


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