Coachella 2013

9:15:00 PM

If you haven't had the chance to check out the line up for Coachella 2013, then you need to pull your head out of the sand and get it buried in some new music instead. Seriously, this is the time of year when new bands and solo acts emerge from the depths of the deep? Well, you know what I mean. For those of you who can't afford the $400 tickets and parking arrangements then it's a must to see what you're missing.

New Music Discoveries:

My three faves, after some perusing of the line-up this year, are Wild Belle and Wild Nothing, and Allen Stone.

Wild Belle has this chick singer that rolls out the reggae in the sweetest way. The music is chill and hooks you just right. Try their song "Keep You" on for size.

Wild Nothing is a mind explosion waiting to happen. You have to listen to the album, which is on YouTube, thank the stars or else I wouldn't have gone through it all. I honestly don't know how to explain it other than it's amazing and takes me to my musical happy place. I have no problem listening to the album the whole way through (I placed the clip below... prepare to have your mind blown so you're welcome). Each song bleeds into the next one so well; they each have their own sound but it's all formulated so well. I think I have found a new jogging album. It's not running music but it's happy music.

Allen Stone is a white boy who sings like his vocal chords have been touched by Jesus' index finger of musical magical.... gah! It's just so good you wouldn't know how to respond if you just saw his face before he hits you with this fusion funk. My personal favorite and first one I ever heard was "Contact High" (below and again your ears are welcome). He just makes singers want to sing. You go Allen Stone. Can't wait to see him in May!

I love that this festival is a two day extravaganza to share in fashion and original music tastes to bring out some of the otherwise silent underground bands. If you're going I am jealous and happy for you all at the same time. Let us know your favorite bands we would love to hear some new stuff.

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