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12:35:00 PM

This is what I feel like when I write....

It occurred to me last night that my readers, or those who have yet to stumble upon 'Ello Honey Bee, may not know how much I love writing my weekly posts. This blog will be a year old in June and I have loved every minute of it.

I work hard to get free stuff to send out to all of you just to say thank you and how much I appreciate your interaction and eye roaming of the words on these pages. I have met some wonderful and creative people that are doing what I'm doing just for funzies sake.

I have found new music, read some great stuff (books, poetry and what have you), and been able to try some new things. The world of blogging is still a relatively new space for me but I view it as a free space to share the things that you love with people that have the same interests.

SO, that being said. I will do my utmost best to bring you great content and continue to give you voyeuristic peek into my brain on occasion.


P.S. If you want to share some things that you would like to see more of or new things that I haven't covered, feel free to comment, tweet, FB or email here:

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  1. and a thanks to *you* for blogging! So glad I stumbled upon this blog =)

  2. I love it when people stumble on it ;). Your blog is great!


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