Vintage shopping is a must!

2:38:00 PM

For those of you who have an obsession with the 30's and 40's know that capturing the essence of the time is best achieved through vintage shopping. Lots of people I know think that vintage shopping means you have to spend scads of money, but the truth is you don't.

There are some fantastic online shops that keep their prices low and you lookin' fabulous.

My favorites:

You can even find some cool shit at your local vintage clothing stores. Odds are people who live near there are donating their old treasures to them and their just waiting for you to rummage through the stacks.

Not sure if you can pull it off? 

Well, Modcloth has stylist waiting to help you out. All you have to do is make an appointment, tell them what you like and you're in. 

The best part about Vintage clothing is the fact that there are such things as larger sizes and your outfits won't ever look like you raided the overstocked shelves of Forever21 with all the other 18 year old girls. 

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