Springtime is in the air.

11:57:00 AM

Trees are shaking off their rusted leaves, the sun is pulling itself out from under darkened clouds and eighty degrees has become the new fifty five. Thank God! Winter is still raking itself through the nights, but the heat is finally here.

I love the month of March because it's a month of creativity. Think about it; everything you have done this month is equalling itself to the change in seasons and Spring is the most productive. You want to be putting your body to work with exercise and outdoorsy activities (hint: March Madness). Maybe you want to put yourself out there and rummage through the sale bins of the dating world. 

Whatever is your thing this month, do it. 

Personally, I think it's a wonderful month to start on something that's entirely yours. I don't mean run away from civilization, build a tree house in the Rain Forest and forget what deodorant smells like--please always wear deodorant. What I mean is, work on that book you wanted to publish, take that dance class, finish your mural, or whatever you want. Just make sure whatever it is, it's about you. 

The one thing in life you will never be able to buy or cover up is how you feel about yourself and what you have accomplished in your life. Make yourself happy, first and foremost. 

What I'm going to do:
  • Hit the ground running with these book reviews this month. 
  • Get my ass up and out of bed early (6am) to go jogging. Not running. Jogging is training for the big league which is running. 
  • Learn to say no.
  • Perfect that Ellie Goulding song on piano so I can make a video and post it.
  • Get a fat, fantastic A on my Ochem exam.
  • Own my life.
What are you going to do?

Also, don't forget with each new month 'Ello Honey Bee hosts a new giveaway! Congrats to Laila Sias the winner of February's giveaway from Uniquebeadingbyme. This month, we have the pleasure of giving away some Mad Gabs lip products from their Peacock collection. All you have to do is follow us on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win. Like, favorite or share the contest posts to win!

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  1. Your list makes mine look paltry. I have one main focus for March: grow my blog.

    I have some exciting and potentially game changing opportunities on the horizon. I'm excited to see what's ahead.

  2. That sounds awesome. Anything that moves forward is good. We need to lunch it soon and blog talk.


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