Matt Costa Record Release Show February 12 2013

3:08:00 PM

Photo by Brett Bixby

For those of you who have been following Indie music label Brushfire Records, owned by Jack Johnson, you will have noticed a lovely addition to the family, Matt Costa! He’s a Southern California local whose music career has been up and coming for a few years running. Dating back in 2008 with songs such as “Miss Magnolia” and “Unfamiliar Faces”, Costa had just the right amount of fun loving tunes to hook us for passive listening. But, since then he has come full circle, traveled the world and collaborated with some of Indie music’s greats like Belle & Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson and Tony Doogan. This Self Titled album hit stores (viral and hard copy) just a short while ago, February 12th to be exact, and knocked all of us small fans for a loop. The music has matured throughout these last few years to give Matt the professional sendoff into the music world he needs to jump up from underground to radio.

Photo by Brett Bixby

'Ello Honey Bee got a firsthand look into the music during a short interview with Matt Costa himself at a small venue in downtown Long Beach called Fingerprints Record Store. For those of you who don’t know, Fingerprints pulls out their popup stage for some biggies that roll through town such as: The Foo Fighters, MGMT, The Shins, MNDR, Coheed and Cambria, Milo Greene, My Morning Jacket, Alt_J, and the list goes on. My head is reeling just thinking about it! Matt Costa performs there every record release, as a personal friend and favorite of record storeowner Rand Foster.

Photo by Brett Bixby

The pop-up stage was setup in the back, transforming the small record store into a well-known downtown venue. Hundreds of bands have recorded sound that has bounced off of those brick walls littered with platinum labels. If only walls could talk! Matt Costa sat pensive, nodding his head donned with a wide brimmed hat over his Nord Keyboard. Folky chords began to be plucked, pounded, and screened. Amps shorted out and the ingredients for a magical, musical potion were in place. Fans waited expectantly outside in the frigid cold for the chance to get their hands on their pre ordered deluxe CD’s and vinyl’s of the record only to hear it played first hand not from their record or CD players, but by the artist himself. As he warms up with the sound tech he says with playfulness showing his fun-loving personality, “Can I get more on this mic? It’s going to be the main attraction of this show”.  Guests flooded into the store cramming aisles and flanking the stage for the first and only preview of the record.

Recorded in the heart of Scotland, the Belle & Sebastian influence on the album can be heard with the pairing of horns, light pixie-ish keys played behind a 70’s feel strum of the acoustic guitar.  The music was consistent and had a rhythm that could make you dance and also feel the lyrics in your own special way. If you have ever met Matt Costa, you would come to find that his personality and humbleness go hand and hand with his music. This winning combination of talent and poise will take Matt a long way. The big hitter song, “Good Times” on the album sounded just like the title sounds. The fans received each and every song with cheers, woops and song requests that went beyond the CD length. Mr. Costa played along with his fans offering jokes, questions and information about each and every song played.

When asked about recording the album Matt said, “I couldn’t have collaborated with better artists than the ones on this album. I couldn’t have asked for better spirit”. He became great friends with Stevie Jackson of Belle & Sebastian while recording at the Scotland based studio and says, “We’re working on a project together that just grew in the background of all of this and I can’t wait”. No one knows when this oh-so-secret project will be revealed to all of us, but we are all dying to hear it.

Check out the music of Matt Costa here and also comment on this post for a chance to win one of two signed record release posters by Matt Costa Himself. You can also like 'Ello Honey Bee on Facebook!

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  1. As longtime fans of Matt's music, we were thrilled to get to see Matt play in Moncton, New Brunswick during his 2011 Canadian tour. His performance was nothing short of epic and getting to meet him and Casey after the show was superb. Such an impression was made, that we decided to name our first born child Costa. We muchly look forward to telling him about the show, how Matt liked Jason's hat and hopefully one day, we'll get to bring lil Costa to see Matt play!

  2. That's the cutest thing I've ever heard! I bet he would love to know that you guys named your son after him. He's truly a wonderful performer and a sweet guy. I enjoyed his performance more than any other I've been to this past year. He was just so down to earth and it was very humbling to see him bring his parents to the show and tell them he loves them while hugging them goodbye in front of everyone afterwards. I really respect musicians so much more when they take the time to appreciate their fans and their families. When I first listened to his music back in 2008, I thought that his sound was one of a kind and hoped that he would always maintain it, which he has. Do you plan on seeing him at any shows coming up?

  3. I agree, I bet Matt would think it's pretty cool to have a family name their son after him :D
    Of all the lives shows we've seen, and there have been many, he was by far our favourite performer. When we saw him in a nearby city, he jumped down from the stage and into the crowd to play Whiskey and Wine in the tiny was pretty spectacular! So cool to hear about him being so sweet with his parents ~ I'm not surprised!!
    We were hoping that this tour would be bringing him closer to our part of the country, but unfortunately, he isn't schedule to play any Canadian shows east of Montreal, so we won't be seeing him this tour. We're very hopeful though that we'll get to see him at the same venue we saw him at in 2011 sometime in the near future. We do have the new album and love it!!! And sure enough, we were listening to Matt Costa during the delivery, since they had an iPod dock for us to use :D and Baby Costa has been listening to Matt's music in our home every day since!

  4. That is amazing! I love that you listened to Matt's music as you gave birth to little Costa. I will be sorting through entires tonight for the poster but as far as I know you're in the lead with the comments I asked for ;)

  5. alskjdfl !!! I just stumbled upon this today (through pinterest) !!! Ohhhh! Did you already choose a winner?!? Either way, I will definitely start following your blog! I love the giveaways =P !

  6. So glad you stumbled upon the blog! Thanks so much for reading and following. There are absolutely giveaways every month and if you like 'Ello Honey Bee on Facebook there are many chances to win. How big of a Matt Costa fan are you? I may be able to get my hands on another poster, the second winner didn't claim their prize as of yet. Let me know your favorite giveaways and I will do my best to get more awesome stuff for readers like you!

  7. Hello Marie! Ohhh! I just saw this reply right now =( !!! I love Matt Costa!!! Though to be honest, I am a more recent fan ... I was not too familiar with his music before, but a friend took me to his concert at the Troubadour in March and I fell in love with his music (not to mention, he himself is quite attractive). I've been going on youtube to listen to his songs and went out and got his CD's =X (except Unfamiliar Faces, couldn't find a copy) ... they've been my music addiction lately!!! Among my favorites: Astair, Acting Like a Fool, Sunshine, Cigarette Eyes, Whiskey and Wine, Drive, Bleeding Hearts, Good Times, Clipped Wings ... aaahhh actually they're all so good!!!

    On another note ... I just entered the giveaway for the journal, that one is GREAT! I have written in journals for a few years now and my most recent one is almost running out!

    1. It's alright, I figured you would see it sooner or later. I love his music, he's such a nice and his stuff makes sunshine move through the clouds lol. I may be able to hook you up with something of his. Let me sift through my stash and see what I can do. In the meantime, check the blog often for our giveaways and such. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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