Everything comes with a how-to manual (rant).

10:38:00 PM

It seems like there are manuals for anything and everything out there. If you have thought about it, someone has written a book about it.

It gets a little overwhelming when you're perusing the shelves at your local book store and you come across a title like, Ten Things Every Mother Doesn't Know But Should or How to Raise the Undead and whatnot. There are a plethora of pages, documents, ebooks, PDF attachments, press releases and more that get churned through the content writing mill from hell every single day.

Yeah, he didn't read the manual.

The problem with the crazy amount of content out there, is that most of it doesn't even have to be all that good to begin with. What should we read? What's garbage (the French pronunciation of course)? I can't tell you how many how-to books I've picked up  just to try and absorb something meaningful when the truth is, my eyes just glaze over and I retain absolutely nothing. Why? Because there are just too many pages filled with blather about things that I don't care about or need. I love that when I pick up a book about How to Write a Good Press Release, there's two sentences total that actually explain the process and fifteen thousand words about Kim Kardashian.

Content is important, but we have got to make it fun, interesting and informative. Let's toss out all of this how to mumbo jumbo and talk to each other, or just sit down, stand up and get to the doing portion of things. Whatever happened to learn as you live it?

Isn't that how things got started in the first place? Someone did it and thought, hey I know how to do that shit. I'll write a one million page manual about it! Oi vey.

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