Delicious, musical joy for the new Eisley album

2:30:00 PM

Words can only touch the surface of what it feels like to capture the majestic musical sounds of a new Eisley album. If you haven't yet been fortunate enough to hear this group, then do yourself the service of listening now. They have a few albums out that you can try out, the first being Marvelous Things.

The only way I know how to describe them is if you have ever been in the presence of a choir of angels. Seriously, it's that good. I shit you not. This band is made up brothers, sisters and cousins of the Dupree family. Their vocals are layered in the most beautiful and pure sense because there are no artificial layers, they just all sound so similar that they don't need it.

I have been listening to this band ever since I was still in high school and still love everything they put out. Every sound, every twinkle, every chord is a delight. The entire family is talented, down to their youngest sister Christie Dupree who also has some videos you can listen to here.

The new album Currents is set to hit stores May 28th. I will be searching high and low to hear something ahead of time...

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