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As a kickoff to spring and a new you, some things in your exercise and eating habits have to change. Change is hard; we are adults and we don't like it. I don't know about you, but it's one of the hardest things to do. For me when it comes to dieting and exercise, I have a tough time changing my evil ways. So, to make a long story short, I don't diet. Not to say I don't watch what I eat, I just don't deprive myself of the things that I like. The trick is, know what you love and how to modify it. 

On 'Ello Honey Bee I will be posting about my own personal adventure into the world of healthier eating and exercise that doesn't stress you out. I am also going to give you some great recipes and suggest snacks that will help you shed some weight and not make you feel guilty about indulging. 

Snack of the month (considering it's halfway through): Gaslamp Kettle Popcorn

Gaslamp Kettle Popcorn is a new product that just hit the shelves by a local company in Riverside, California. I usually don't go for kettle popcorn because it's full of sugar, but this one isn't. It has the perfect balance of salty and sweet because it's all natural and additive free. I looked over the nutrition facts and thought, wow this is the only popcorn I have ever seen that was full of fiber, iron and actual vitamins. 

The facts: 

Serving size: 3 cups
Whole grains: 14 grams
Gluten free
100% all natural ingredients
Zero trans fats
All natural cane sugar for sweetener

I have just started trying out gluten free foods to see which ones have that yummy taste. Some gluten free products taste like cardboard, but not these. This is a healthy snack that your body can digest easily. When you eat less processed foods, you're more likely to have a healthier digestive system.

Want to try a free bag? 

Step 1: Comment on this post about your own healthy eating habits and give us some snack suggestions. Step 2: Head to the Gaslamp Popcorn Facebook page and like away! Step 3: Like us on Facebook at 'Ello Honey Bee. I will choose a winner and we will ship it out to you to try. 

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