The Walking Dead Season Premier

12:47:00 PM

What happened:

Not what I expected. I didn't feel as though there was much to look forward to. And Rick going insane????!!!?? Why? Why would he be pissed that his wife is all angeled out watching over him and his demented little children? Supernatural stuff happening or Rick's brain is all zombie jell-o.

Daryl left with Meryl. Whhhat? What a punk bitch. Meryl is disgusting.

Andrea is still alive. Snore.

Seems like the little blonde is developing a little crush on Rick because she's caring for his child and whatnot.

What I wanted to happen:

Andrea to be wiped from the show--she bothers me.

Glenn not to be turned into an angry little boy.

Daryl to kick Meryls ass in the fight.

Lori came sweeping down the jail staircase sprinkling fairy dust on Rick to wipe his diseased brain free and tell him what the cure is.

But, those things didn't happen. 

The show is great and I will of course continue watching but they have got to introduce some new characters or liven it up a little.

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