Overwhelming funshine.

2:14:00 PM

So, they say that a person who has the ability to say "no" on occasion is better off in the long run. I have this feeling that this may be true but I hate saying no when it comes to work. I like to work but taking on more work means taking away from studying and friend time. Friend time and study time is important.... but so is work. If you don't work then you won't have the money to spend time with friends or the funds to pay for classes.

My belief is then that the person who can say no is a money bag carrying wanker.

What to do?

1. Watch the clock: 

I think it can all be done but with great time management and such. Time freakin' management!

2. Sleepin' and not:

I'm a night owl myself but getting up early could be the answer for you. I think that you should just adapt to what your natural schedule is and my body personally doesn't do well in sunshine.

3. Reduce stress:

Maybe incorporating a small workout regimen may help ease stressors in your life to complete the tasks you need to with a clear head.

4. Use your talents in the right way:

For me, I know that I write better for fun when I have the idea to start. So as soon as you have an idea just free write or work on whatever it is you do at that exact moment. Then of course you can put it away for a day and reformat it later.

5. Don't listen to your body when it tells you it's tired.

I don't know about you but I start yawning as soon as something is hard. It's a hoax. I know I'm only doing that because I no longer want to trudge through my chemistry book or what have you.

Know yourself and know your limits. That will tell you if you should say no or not. I know a lot of supermen and women out there who can juggle it all plus take care of their families. Do what you love and stick to it, nothing is easy and good things come to those who work their asses off.

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