Cycle for Survival 2013

11:07:00 AM

Cancer awareness can only be brought to us by cancer research. For example, most people don't know that in their 50's they are most susceptible to cancers! Isn't that insane. Many of us think, I wear sunscreen, or I don't smoke so I'm cool. Guess what? You're not. Cancer is a deadly silent killer and the most torturous. If you have ever had a family member be claimed by the disease then you know that it's hard on everyone involved. 

There is a way that we can help make things a little bit easier. I say easier because cancer is a difficult villain that mutates so often it's difficult to cure, some don't believe there will ever be one. But just because we can't cure it, doesn't mean we can't fight it and make it pay. Many people have survived cancer because of early detection and treatments from all over the world. The only way they can get these treatments is if there is money to pour into engineering and research. Money doesn't grow on trees but it's sitting there in your change jar or under your bed. Why not put it somewhere useful like into the donation bin at Cycle for Survival?

Who you can donate to?

A couple of wonderful people I know will be riding in the event and if we all donate to them tonight then each dollar will be matched until midnight and 100% of those proceeds go directly to cancer research. 

Skip Jennings and Ana Caban, leading fitness trainers and activists will be riding tonight. Click on their names here and be directed to their donation pages. Every little bit helps and you can save a life plus get a 100% tax deduction just for doing so. 

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