What a pain in the buns.

7:43:00 PM

It's a pain in the buns when there's nothing and then there's a whole lotta' somethin'. But this year so far has been nothing but great... considering it's only the fifth day of January; it's going strong baby! Woo! 2012 has a nasty elderly hag personality whose voice practically dripped with condescension. But of course it did right? It was supposed to go out with a bang--the zombie apocalypse.

Since that didn't happen. This new year decided to bitch slap the only one out of the throne and bring us into the reign of rebellion against shittiness. Not a word? It is now.

What to do now?

Well, if last year sucked for you like it did so many others (including myself) then whatever you did last year was wrong. Not wrong, wrong but not the way it should have been done for a better result. To get a better result and try and retain some sort of control over your life and all it's shining moments then everything you would normally do, don't. Try the opposite of everything and I mean everything. If you feel like a gigantic change in your life has been in the attic of your brain then do that shit and do it sometime soon. One of my cousins told me that the soul hates to make the mistakes of others but loves making mistakes for itself. Didn't get it? Just do what you want to do and be happy inside yourself and eff everyone else. Sure there's propriety and all of that hoopla but ultimately it's you who is the biggest and most critical judge of how your life turned out.

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