The evolution of the Disney princess...

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From Innocent to, as Jim Carreys character Flethcer would point say in Liar Liar, "Slut!!!"

The Disney princess has always been a focal point for young girls to look up to since Snow White made her appearance in the late 1930's. Each princess has possessed the sheer essential qualities to remain innocent, adolescent and respectable. Through the years, and each princess' introduction to the world of animation, necklines have dropped, skirts have gotten shorter and morals have slipped--more toward underlying suggestions than actual upfront admission to the last one.

If you have been to Disneyland recently you have noticed that our beloved princesses have changed dramatically. First off, the innocent plumpness any one of them may or may not have had has decreased significantly. It's as if each of these ladies went off to a weight loss boot camp. Their faces and features are more angled, sharper with the smallest waists we have ever seen in Disney history. I get the advertising angle of snagging an older audience of women with this matured look, but are we sacrificing the image that young girls have of themselves for an extra few bucks?

We know that throughout history women have only gotten skinnier with this idea that models have it right, just not to eat to maintain that slim waistline. For heaven sakes, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 and she was smokin'.

Disney has gone this long without making any drastic changes to the image we have known and loved for years. Why not stick with what works and doesn't give off such a suggestive air (sexually and physically). I don't know if I like it. Some things are supposed to remain sacred. We have to teach our children to look at themselves differently and stop trying to sell physical image as a gateway to success; girls are becoming sexually active so early in life nowadays; whatever happened to innocence and childhood?

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