Mad Men... and Their Women

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We have all seen the TV show Mad Men and the throwback to the Kennedy-Nixon campaign alongside the down to the T behavioral patterns of the Advertising Executive when it comes to home vs. office.

The show at first glance gives all of us wannabe copywriters in the making, a birds eye view into the start of the colossal enterprise that is the ad campaign. Then of course as we watch and delve further into the ever masculine professional world of the 50's, we see how the glamour fades and we're left with lies, sex scandals and inconsistency--advertising.

Home and Office, separate but equal.

The world of the advertising executive gives us even more insight on how it is to be a man and inside of a mans head. These men separate house and home as though they were separate states. Once men finish their breakfasts, kiss their wives, put on that suit and step out onto the walkway, they are no longer husbands or fathers but they are business men.

The business man is sharkish, conniving and all too clever. They're brilliant at the creative, sitting down at cafes with their scotch on the rocks, writing down their latest and greatest ideas on a napkin.  They turn on the predatory gaze and snatch-up a twenty something at the Yacht club to release their demons before heading back to the office, trading accounts and dirty secrets to snag their colleagues job or assignment. Some of us watching this show wonder how in the hell they manage to keep both things separate and not allow them to spill over into their home lives. Some would find this behavior revolting and inconceivable--if you have lived under a rock. But what happens at home? Are their wives and children always none the wiser? Do women stay put behind the stove and manage to keep their plastered Bel Jolie complexion in place to match their apron?

We come to know the men and their behaviors, but we also come to know the women. In the first few episodes of season one a woman gets divorced from her husband because of an affair he had with a secretary, and she gets ostracized by the entire community--even though her actions today would have been justified. The shocker is that they see divorce as a worser thing than a scandal. The woman of the house is supposed to put on a happy face because, hey--they all do it. Later on of course, some of the women become restless and let their minds wander, wanting the same things for themselves. Dare to dream ladies: a career, a personal life and a little sexual escapade or two on the side; the air conditioning salesman that comes to visit Betty Draper? She's thinking about it.

There are not only housewives shown but also big hotshot professional women like the jewess department store (Menkens) owner. Sometimes the women can be just as bad as the men. The women and the men are constantly underestimating the caliber of secrecy and creativeness their significant other possesses. This only leads me to one conclusion; do we have it right that men and women are not meant to be monogamous? Is the world of television and shows like Mad Men only a sneak peek into what our true nature really is? Have we not truly evolved into an equal culture of men and women that respect and stay true to the concept of a true monogamous relationship? Have we regressed or just stayed the same since the beginning of time when cavemen governed an entire harem of their four or five women from which they chose to spend the week with?

(*All Photos Courtesy of Google and Mad Men)

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