Feminism gone too far? Just roll with it baby cakes.

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Many of us girls can't figure out what we want to even have an opinion on how a male counterpart should behave when it comes to the oh-so-wonderful world of dating. If he opens a door, stands up when you leave the table,  pays the bill (in entirety), or happens to look anywhere south of your loci border, we ask why is he doing it? Does he have an ulterior motive of some kind that makes him think that because I'm a woman I can't pull out my own chair or have the strength to open my own door?


He may just be a nice guy and because he's a guy and he's into you he may look at your assets from time to time before he takes out a home equity loan on the whole lot. Bad analogy, I know.

Calling someone a feminist these days is a nasty insult of the worst kind. Why you ask? Because the term itself has been flipped on it's head, birthing a fearsome creature with horns, wings of a dragon and breath just as hot.

Some of us have brought this upon ourselves in the sense that we have taken pride as an interchangeable term for radicalism or human right. Men and women are human beings but we are not the same in all aspects. That is not to say we are unequal, but as individuals or strengths differ and our neuronal signaling pathways are not always road mapped out the same.

Whistlers' very tech savvy mother

Learning to live together and earning (our own individual) place of worth or ability to gain respect is all part of accepting differences and coming with a solution of equality and allowance on a case by case basis.

So boys, rest easy. This is a new year (and granted that we are not in the middle ages where chivalry was expected) and a new era for change and personal responsibility must be accounted for. Chivalry isn't a term that is particularly valued anymore so let's change it; lets just call it human kindness that can go both ways. Be kind to each other and say what we mean. No games, no derogatory statements, no crap.

Girls (myself included) give the man a break and give yourself a break. You are not Virginia Woolf or Rosie the Riveter and you don't have to have it together all the time. The theme for this year is roll with it baby cakes (wink) and shit will all fall into place is we just freakin' chill out. Can I get an Amen? Lol... maybe not. Try is sometime soon and let me know how it all works out.

Don't get me wrong though, I will not hesitate to bitch slap a man that tells me to get behind an oven and that I don't a need a watch cuz there's one on the microwave... or my poor friend Jennies' favorite, "What are you doing up there on that ladder girlie? Shouldn't your boyfriend be doing that? That's mans work". Suck it.

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