Extra holiday pounds got you down?

7:25:00 PM

Ana Caban!

The holidays are difficult for everyone when it comes to turning down that extra-delicious pastry at every house you drop by. I know that I can safely say I have that problem. Sad face insert here. Maybe it doesn't seem like much of  problem at first but then the pounds start packing themselves on noticeably (right around the middle). Yuck!

I'm a pretty short woman and when a few pounds finds its way onto one of my branches, it's noticeable and really hard to get off.

Reasons why it's hard to get off? 

1. No time to workout. Getting to the gym takes time. If it's a bit of a drive for you then it doesn't seem doable. Most people just want to get home, shower and get into bed before they hit the nine to five again.

2. Drive and interest. It's difficult to workout when getting on the treadmill just isn't fun anymore. Whether it's because you don't have great music to listen to or it's just become a sort of routine that you're comfortable with.

How to fix that?

Well, we all need to find some workout that switches it up and I have found a great one that can be done on the go. I recently signed up for this program called SpiroFit; there's an instructor there named Ana Caban and she's the business, as some of my friends would say.

This woman can work your ass out and make you feel great about it without making you think you're not going to make it afterwards. Ana is the pilates pioneer and guru. Her workouts can be done on your iPad, iPhone, smartphone, laptop on the go or at home in your living room through your TV. The program is also affordable and has a variety of times that you can login to workout. Why not make this year the year that you actually stick to your New Years resolutions.

Two options: 

1. Work out with a monthly subscription to SpiroFit by clicking here for a price of $15.95/mo and use this promocode ac1587. 

2. Workout with a six month package ($89.95/six months) by clicking here and using promocode anac6mo. Don't forget to type in this discount code once you're there. 

Let me know how it works out! 

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