White Wedding or Rebel Wedding?

12:06:00 PM

Everyone has grown accustomed to the white dress, white shoes, pastel color scheme decorations and the prim and proper religious confections. Religion and societal views have made everyone believe that only the color white can show purity and even if you're underserving of the color (most women) then you wear it anyway because why embarrass your family and spouse right?

Well, who says you have to wear white? What about going against the grain? Me personally, even if I am deserving of the color, would love the go a little crazy and match my gown to my shoes and I want Louboutins. Not the uncharacteristic white Louboutins, but the classic black Louboutins with the red sole. Which means, only one thing... black.

Wedding gown in black by Vera Wang
Some of you may also be saying well what about those fantastic Cinderella shoes that Louboutin designed? Those are beautiful, but maybe some of us girls don't want to be the princess rescued from the tower.

Louboutin Cinderella Shoe

Check out this article about the Cinderella shoe and watch the film here: http://www.wmagazine.com/fashion/2012/09/christian-louboutin-cinderella-shoe

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