What happened to men and their tough exterior?

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                Okay so we all want a good man. We want a man that will be equal to ourselves in every way: intellect,   beliefs, wishes, love for activities (books, art, political standing, your soy milk preference, and the mutual dislike for all things ginger--what have you.) etc. Those of us who grew up with rock star fathers (not literally, more knight-like) are more likely to think every man will turn out to be that awesome. You know, vanquish spiders with the ruthless strike of a tissue, change your tire for you, be there when you need him and not break a sweat or need something in return.

            Lots of men these days, some of us girls are finding, are nothing but lazy, non-driven, wimpy little bitches. Uh-oh Spaghettios, we're onto you boys! Not all men, and not all women by any means are perfect, but a hell of a lot of them. For example, some men cry over being punched and run away screaming a fight when you should suck it up and work it out or fight back if you're in the right. Some men can't even buck up and pretend to be strong for like five minutes without wimpin' out: killing spiders scares them in front of their girl. She's freaked out by them, but you don't care and won't pick up that shoe and show her you can hold that role of protector if she needs it.

           What has happened? I personally blame it on our ever trending metrosexual dress style and the contribution of the new and improved Ken doll whom at one time looked quite distinct from Barbie but now looks like her twin sister Kenya. It's as though the female population got the vote, some snickering glares from the men who believed they should be home baking cookies and let the real men up on those ladders to put up the Christmas lights, and some men took that as a strength transfer. Like the minuscule character in Eugenides' The Marriage Plot said, "Women are so independent these days, they're basically men". Strong women need strong men and I don't just mean physically. I mean strength has to come from every side of your being from mental and emotional all the way down to the last thing which is physical strength. We're looking for partners boys, not more children to raise.

          In the words of Joyce Carol Oates, "A Good Man Is Hard To Find". Is it just a shift from the norm to mold now into what society expects of men these days? Are men feeling the need to appeal less to the opposite sex or are we too harsh on them. Either way, a man can't man or woman up as they say, he can take a hike. But seriously... is this how men are going to continue to behave and forget to attach their balls before they leave the house?

This may interest some of you, I just found a podcast for men called, Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp. Fanbloodytastic. One of the titles to the podcast is Are you being true to yourself or just a selfish prick? Check it out here: http://www.thenewmanpodcast.com/. Enjoy! This may be the key for some of you ladies to understanding the cryptic inner workings of men.

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