Sad Holidays

11:50:00 AM

Mary Ruth Gospich

This post is for my fabulous grandmother who will not be with us much longer. I love you very much and will miss you everyday. It's amazing how things can change from day to day. You were a funny lady and always made things wonderful. I will never forget your love for see's candies, I Love Lucy (you were a hell of a lot like Lucille Ball), for God, old movies, your roses and your volunteer work. I promise to keep up with your rose bushes for as long as I can. The house, the chapel and the world will never be the same without your kindness and grace.

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  1. Marie, this is so sweet and special. Your grandmother was beautiful and seemed like a wonderful lady <3 Sending love and hugs your way my friend!

    1. Thanks Casey, she was amazing. Miss you friend! Hope all is well?


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