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Macy's Christmas window display, 1930's

Well kids, the season for turkeys, stuffing and hanging mistletoe has reared it's angelic head. Is it so angelic? It's not that I don't love the holidays but my goodness, why is it that as soon as the fog misted evening of 'All Hallows Eve' has disappeared in the morning light, do the department stores feel the need to barrage us with red, white and green fleece?

I love to decorate with the best of em' but come on. Let us ease out of our holidays and into the next without an abrupt switch like a four point exit turn off freeway. Nonetheless, the time has come the walrus said to talk of jingle bells and things.

I started my mad dash for christmas gifts this morning along with consolidating my closet space and packing in some extra cash to afford the former. So far this year has been a tough one but the end of the year festivities make it all worth while. We remember everything we've done and all we've met with joy, and look forward to our much deserved vacation time.

Venice, Italy 

Speaking of which, a few friends of mine recently went to Europe to taste the loveliness that the Parisians, Spanish and Dutch had to offer. If you haven't been to Europe during the winter time, then you're surely missing something lovely. We love our christmas here in the U.S. but boy do they do it up over there. The closeness, the decorations, smiles and food are to die for. For me, Italy is calling my name and beckoning me to its familial familiarity. I long to go back to Europe soon and visit France; that's the one place I haven't been to that I just drool over everyday.

Paris, France

My good friend Jennie stopped by and stayed with me a few days when I was in England studying abroad and shortly after was off to study abroad in Paris. I was supposed to pack my bags and head there before I went to stay with some family in Italy but the flight was so expensive I had to forgo that option and do without. Now it's only on my list with a giant red circle around it complete with sparkles and stars.
Paris, France

Where is everyone off to for the holidays? Soothe my need to travel by sharing your stories and plans with me here on the blog. I look forward to reading your stories.

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