More Tim Burton: Disneyland Art Exhibition

6:14:00 PM

On a fantastic stroke of luck, a friend and I went to Disneyland to use up the last of my yearly pass and check out the new Halloween decor, and what do we see in California Adventure's Animation Academy... a Frankenweenie exhibit. There were sets from the movie, miniature style set up all around the studio with cool stuff like Tim Burton's desk, clips playing from the large screens above hung up on the walls and so much more. My favorite part of course was the portion that shows step by step setup of each scene and how Tim himself designed everything. Disney also had a tutorial at the animation station to show you how to draw Victor and Sparky!

Also, if you haven't seen the movie and are planning a trip to Disneyland then head over to the Muppet Stage for an awesome 4D sneakpeek!

Here are some photos from the exhibit that you may enjoy if you haven't the time to go yourself:

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