Man Philosophy: Fact or Just Tacky?

12:42:00 PM

        Why is it that when a man gets caught cheating the avid argument is that they are not “meant to be monogamous”. WTF!!!???? All of this is based off of some national geographic channel special on the mating habits of wild animals. What an opportunity to make sense of the psychological misgivings of the male psyche. Very creative gentlemen; we get it you’re just here to spread your seed. Who and the hell fed that bull to you for breakfast? Some people actually believe this!? Waaaaa? Yeah.
      The piece of this puzzle these people are forgetting is that we are not wild animals, we are human beings with higher intelligence than primates. This idea that men cannot control their ‘only natural’ urges because they are not meant to be with one woman for life is a copout. We are in control of our impulses boys. Just because you don’t want to be responsible for your own selfish behavior, doesn’t mean that it’s because you’re a seed vector. If your only place on earth is to be a sower of seeds, then maybe women should have gotten the vote first and should probably run this country. Hence why insurance rates for men are much higher than women, they don’t think before they do things. Disgusting. 
        Own up or shut up. Be a man and take responsibility and control junior down there if you want some fantastic woman to chain herself to you. My theory is that men shouldn’t settle down until in their late twenties. If men wait till they have gotten their floating out of their system then they won’t feel the need to cheat. If you have played the field then there are no regrets and they would have the time to choose a mate wisely. 
       This is not a bashing of all men. This is a praise of those men, those fathers, brothers, fiancés and husbands that have morals and are the great men that we are lucky to have in our lives looking out for us girls. Look to men like these, not the ones who live to cover their asses.

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