Gray Matter... the Brain Stuff.

4:35:00 PM

So taking all of these science classes is really paying off obviously for school but for fun little tidbits to give you guys. Me and my friend Jennie were talking about this and felt like it was a huge lightbulb moment for some of our own experiences.

Where the idea came from:
We were studying the nervous system in physiology, the brain and all of that and my professor went into white matter and gray matter. In case you didn't know, gray matter is the part of the brain that sort of gives you a conscience and says, hey you had better not do that just now. It's basically like your own personal Jiminy Cricket. The cool part about this is that we don't develop it until we reach the age of 25! Some of you are probably thinking..... whaaaat?? But yes, it's true and the best part is its science. Ever wonder why your boyfriends and girlfriends before the age of 25 were a bunch of morons who had no control over their spur of the moment interjections of reason? Well, this is why. Give you some food for thought if you're not yet there. I feel as though this is a valid argument to make when someone gives you the "I wasn't thinking" bull... they probably weren't.

Don't believe me? Well, here are some articles...

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  1. OMG, that is why I go for older men! That makes so much more sense now because their gray matter is so much more developed. Of course they too have their moments of stupidity but I feel it's a lot less!

    1. I thought the same thing when I heard this from my professor. It took me back to all the relationship episodes via me and thought, wow... no wonder. But to be fair, some men are just more apt to deal with us complicated women than others. Also, I think that the inner working of men, gray matter or no, is still a gray area.... too punny?


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