Giveaways!!!!! Post that you want some :)

4:06:00 PM

So my lovely reader where are you??? I am trying to get some giveaways together for the upcoming winter months and the New Year! I'm working on jewelry, clothing, books and more. Just respond to this post or the Twitter account so I know what you all are interested in so we can get you what you want. I will be starting a Youtube account with some videos of the products that I can scrape together and the giveaway details soon so stay tuned.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. how fun marie!! of course i'd enter :) i'm doing a giveaway next friday for the first time, it's fun!

    1. Hi Casey! Awesome let me know how it goes and who you're working with. Post the link to your blog here :) Look forward to it!

    2. I will :) I'm working with my friend Laura of Stylefox ( Here's the link to my blog: Miss you friend!

    3. I love your blog it's so cute and pretty. The photos are awesome too. How are you liking blogging? Also, maybe we can talk about how everything's going with you soon. Miss you!!!


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