Frankenweenie at the El Capitan in Hollywood

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Tim Burton Has Done It Again!

The El Capitan Oct. 5th 2012
Tim Burton's newest film to hit theater this week was Frankenweenie. If you're a fan of Burton then you know that wherever Burton's fantastic genius roams so do the musical talents of Danny Elfman and actors like Wynona Rider and Helena Bonham Carter.

Me and my good friend Laura

The man himself, Tim Burton!
For this epic experience, a few of my friends and I got together and put up for VIP tickets at the El Capitan to make sure we had a real show. The El Capitan is fantastic; they have the best to offer when it comes to entertainment. You can only hope for the Hollywood treatment in one place and with the way the century turns we miss out on brick and mortar bells and whistles. Thankfully the El Capitan gives only the best of the best. When we arrived, having pre-selected our seats online, the gargantuan early 1920's styled theatre was roaring with the sounds of a live organ being played by the house musician and crowds of people were bustling into their seats like red blood cells in an artery. The lights,    and the decorations strung up in the stage balconies (to be used during the movie at designated scenes), could fill you with excitement.

When the lights go down the curtains rise and the warm-up show that is unique to the El Capitan comes to life. I won't spoil it for those of you who have tickets. The movie was just perfect. Tim Burton films always have just the right touch of everything, a little dark and a little funny with a score to match. No one could forget the characters they meet from scene to scene and the faces that come with them. You will laugh, cry and scream when you see this film.

I was shocked to find out that Tim Burton actually made this film in the 80's as a full length feature good old fashioned real people style. I don't remember seeing it but I bet it was just as imaginative as this version. Make it a movie night and see them both if you can. You won't be disappointed.

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