The Hike of Death and Exercise

2:11:00 PM

If you have ever been an overzealous 'Biggest Loser' fan with a serious case of the gym bug then you know what I'm going through right now. Exercise is so tough these days with temperatures blazing way the hell over one hundred degrees above comfortable. I have decided that I am going to pump up my exercise regimen and do a different type of workout everyday so that my body doesn't get used to it's everyday activity. The experts say we need to trick our bodies into not expecting what's coming for the day. Muscle memory is a bitch on wheels when it comes to exercise and we have to keep on our toes. One day it could be the gym for well over an hour and three and a half miles on the treadmill of cross-trainer, or swimming laps until you cannot swim no mo'. I decided that a hike here and there would be fun in the Santa Monica Mountains at a place called Circle X. What I think they meant was x marks the spot where dead men tell no tales...

A few of my friends and I drove up to Malibu equipped with a small 8 oz. water bottle each and a dream. We drove up an expansive windey road which never seemed to end to find ourselves at the top of this lush green mountain top. My friend Bianca decided she wanted to go down to this place called 'The Grotto' which is supposed to be full of waterfalls, creeks and such. It looked like it was about a mile or so both ways so we parked and ventured down into the depths of the valley. Little did we know this would be the Valley of the Shadow of Death. My God it was tough. The way down actually seemed alright, I actually ran down the dips and turns of the mountain all gleeful and jolly. It was all an illusion. Jennie got a huge blister on her foot that hurt her going down and we had to slow. We sweat and drank all of our limited supply of water and most of us didn't fully have lunch so we were starving for the next five hours.

The downhill on the way in was lovely and the uphill on the way out, if we ever thought we would get there, was soooo much worse. I love a good nature walk, but this was like a stress test that was out of control. There were flies in your ear every five seconds and heat that blared down onto you like you were a piece of toast in an oven. Considering we didn't properly satiate ourselves with water and nutrition it could have been potentially dangerous. Bianca got tunnel vision, I thought I was going to have a coronary, Edwin couldn't hardly move and Jennie got the worst dehydration headache of her life. My advice would always be to make sure you know what the hike looks like before going into it and possibly condition yourself for incremental hikes that cold lead to the intensity of one like this.

Exercise is great and this one definitely woke me up to how out of shape I am, but being prepared and knowing what your limits are are absolutely important too. Health before pride always. So today, round three of exercise to come. I have done crazy hikes, P90X and gym runs galore this week. Life changes are in the air and before you know it, I will be a new woman.

How does everyone exercise these days? I always find other peoples mode of motion interesting. Let me know what drives you.

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