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Things just seem to pop up when you least expect them. I did an internship a couple of months back and met some fantastic and professional people. An internship is an opportunity designed to pick up skills that you may not once have had. Some people don't think that these internships are a must and that you truly benefit too much, and that may be true--depending on where you decide to intern. I interned at SurfMyAds.com and found the place to be in a beautiful location and packed with tons of young, driven and sweet people. I got some opportunities to write for Shoes.Tv which does a lot of red carpet talent interviews and fashion stories galore; as a matter of fact, for a byline, I can submit articles anytime. The editor is a wonderful, no-nonsense lady with an eye for entertainment and style. I also wrote company descriptions for PromotionalCodes.com, blogs for CouponWinner.com and helped out with special projects here and there.

My internship was only supposed to last three months in editorial which is what I wanted and was okay with. At the tail end of that internship I was pulled aside by the most adorable women, Sarah Platte and   Gregor, to ask if I would like to be woven into the fabric of a PR & Media internship for an additional three months. They had been so great and offered my fun articles to write here and there that I couldn't say not. Why would I? That's a great opportunity, to hook into a field I normally wouldn't ever have thought to apply for and additional set of skills I would not have had anywhere else. Before you know it I was learning about journalist, producer and newscast pitching for stories for the company, how to write in AP style, how to hook a reader into so-named pitch and how to engage your audience in the happening issues while saving them some money. It was mainly for discounts and promotion of products, but I also learned a lot about blogging. In the editorial department a couple of new interns came on board and being bloggers, they clued me in on how to get my own blog going. It's not an easy thing and I'm still not even close. Maybe one day, sigh. Check out their blogs when you get a chance, they're fantastic. The first belongs to the content specialist, Katie Keisler: http://katiesjournal.org/katie-kiesler/. Katie also wrote a book called 22 and Single, that she also sat down with me and explained the process of publishing and her journey to the world of California. The second belongs to Kay Handy: http://nappyheadedblackgirl.com/. In Kay's blog you will find a slew of natural hair ideas, love, giveaways and facts, plus fun videos that show off her awesome sense of humor. The third goes to the lovely Amber Sandhu: http://brownpolitics.wordpress.com/. This blog is jam packed with political issues that are of the highest importance. With that said...

I was able to learn the in's and out's of social media and marketing which is a huge media outlet considering the electronic world we're living in. I made some good friends and will hopefully keep in touch with all of them. So look into the land of internships and snag yourself one before your time runs out. For me, I learned some great skills I can put to use which are now slapped with a job title of Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategist for Ana Caban Inc. I ended up getting a great recommendation from one of the women at SMA and now have a lovely job that works wonderfully with my school schedule. I still have a long way to go and lots to look into for my future but I can only do what my small body permits and take things one day at a time. I hope to keep writing, living, singing and surrounding myself with positive and motivated people to keep me going.

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  1. What a lovely post! And thanks so much for the mention!

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    1. No problem Amber, how is everything going? Did the film you were working on turn out well?


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