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I have been working hard studying these days with Molecular Biology and anything else science related with agarose gels, protein and DNA amplifications, you name it! Whew it just made me exhausted saying it. Anyway my entire life I have been an avid reader and since I happened to be moving around some old books in my library I found some teen fiction series I used to love. I decided that I would dust off some of the covers and remove my old bookmarks and actually finish a couple this week. I looked through a Vampire Academy novel by Richelle Mead and I must say for being teen fiction it was quite good.

A lot of people reach for the Twilight and musings of Stephenie Meyer, which if you ask any English Major they may pelt you with an onion before touching one of those books, but I would have to say I think that the Vampire Academy novels sort of beat Twilight for me. I will admit I'm a fan of those guilty pleasure vampire fiction novels, stemming back to the good ole Anne Rice paperbacks, and thought I would give the fourth book in this series a start-up; I had forgotten all about it when I got so busy being a grown-up. I got caught up in the story and the characters immediately and, because teen novels have this lovely annoying way of getting you back up to speed of what just happened every other paragraph, I was able to open the flood gates and let the last few books flood right back to me.

Here go for it and read an excerpt from the first of six in the series here:

Scoff if you will, oh intelligenites of the realm of real literature, but they're good. You get a little angsty romance thrown into the plot from multiple characters, but you also get resolutions and everything fits well from one huge event to the next. I would recommend getting a hold of the set and trying it out if you're into creative teen fiction. The world in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy novels has a lot of very cool, action filled stuff and a little love story for some of us saps who forgot about how it felt to be a teenager.

P.S. I was thinking about trying to get a giveaway going these next few weeks on a good novel or two from the previously blogged about on 'Ello Honey Bee. Comment away and let me know if you anonymous readers would be interested. If I don't get feedback I guess I will just keep writing off into space! Happy reading :)

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