More Fifty Shades Discussion: Fifty Shades Darker and the Beginning of Freed

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More please....

My my this trilogy is consuming my reading time. I have way too much to do and all I want to do is finish the third book in the series. I got through the first two in record time, after studying of course. The writing is not American Classics of the millennium but the story itself is so interesting. This complex relationship between the characters Mr. Christian Grey and the 'heroine' Ana Steele has so many layers that its hard not to be entertained. The only problem I have with the characters is that the lovely Miss Steele isn't as equally complex and plagued like her moltenly sexy male counterpart.

The story works in so many ways though. I can see what E. L James was going for. I don't know if the love between these two characters will be remembered in comparison to Gone With the Wind status, but it's so twisted that it just might.

I will say this though, sex is not easy to write and many writers can attest to this. They always told us in creative writing classes that if the scene makes you uncomfortable when writing it, then you're doing a damn good job. Even reading these novels I find myself covering the books cover as if someone has walked in on me naked. Some of the chapters are so carnal and private that you feel like a voyeur looking sheepishly though a crack in the bedroom door. I love how honest the scenes are and how close to the feelings that Ana has are to our own when it comes to situations like this.

Everyone loves a good Mr. Darcy type character, or Alec D'Urberville cross clashed with Angel Clare as Ana calls it. I am only just beginning the third one but my God aren't men of the written word so much better composed than the ones that walk the streets?

I also have a pick for the movie.... not set to be filmed anytime soon but it needs to be said, envisioned and committed to erotic memory. Matt Bower is my choice for Mr. Grey, although the women are tougher to cast than he is but my lord in this photo I'm posting he's enigmatically perfect.

I really wish there were twelve more books in this series.

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