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What Turns On the Creativity Switch?

If you're a writer, painter, musician, inventor, scientist, whatever, they you have something that lights up within you whenever that catalyst hits. 'Ello Honey Bee wants to know about it! Being a writer and musician, I have rare moments in my creative spaces when I know something fantastic is happening inside me. These days I have these revelations when I'm smack dab in the middle of something else that should take precedent and it is the most inconvenient, wonderful feeling. I have talked to several of my writer friends that say the same thing happens to them, like setting aside time to work on your craft isn't good enough for the cosmos or something. What is that about? It's either a blessing or a curse, and I have a feeling there is something I'm not doing in my set aside writing hour that I'm doing while I'm reading my biology books. Any creators out there have any suggestions to get into your perfect mindset to get things going on the creative moment you choose? 

Random moments of creativity are great, but can the beast be tamed. This is an entire question, up in the air post but it's something to think about. I have an idea for a big story that came to me yesterday afternoon. It was crazy how it popped into my head out of nowhere. In a half an hour I had a plot, planned out for chapters and 23 characters reading to do the story telling for me. I had the subject, knew their relationships to each other, the setting, everything. It was a wonderful feeling and it's happened a couple of times but never like this. I'll be setting aside some time tomorrow to work on it and throughout the week. So, that being said, throw in some suggestions or even let me know what kind of creation stories you have. 

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